Cabrini obstetrician Sandringham

cabrini obstetrician sandringham

Dr. Maria De Piero Cabrini is the ob/gyn at the renowned Cabrini Obstetrician and Gynecologist Unit in Rome. She has performed a great deal of work investigating women’s health, particularly in the field of reproductive medicine. When asked what she considered the most important characteristic of an obstetrician, she answered “patientness”. It is important to treat patients compassionately and with an open mind as to what the outcome of the pregnancy will be. Having this in mind, Dr. Cabrini gives her patients the same respect that any mother would for her child.


When you first meet the brilliant and caring Cabrini obstetrician Sandringham, you cannot help but think of a new mother. As such, she is warm and personable, appreciative of a well-watered home and is eager to answer any questions that you may have about birth control methods, pregnancy options and delivery methods. She is also quite intuitive and can often find problems with a patient’s diet and exercise program that would seem difficult to diagnose. This professional always looks out for the well-being of the patients. When something goes wrong, it is not the patient who comes to the painful realization, but the obstetrician.


Being the only obstetrician located in the city of Rome, she works with some of the most sophisticated technology and equipment to ensure a successful birth. To this end, she is even able to perform some procedures that are still classified as classified surgical procedures. This means that there are times when incisions will need to be made and the woman will need emergency medical care. This professional stresses the importance of treating any patient respectfully and with empathy. If a birth is difficult for a woman, it can be equally difficult for her family.

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