The Different Types of Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving – Longterm shelves are an essential part of most every warehouse or commercial store. They are usually made out of wood with the longest shelf being about 50 feet in length. They are made for very heavy goods as they can bear a very large load. These shelves are usually fixed to the walls or floors of the store, which makes them even more secure than fixed shelves. These shelves are an important part of any store from grocery stores to big buildings.

The Different Types of Long Span Shelving

Longterm shelving is often referred to as heavy duty shelve, warehouse shelves, long-term storage system, high-load shelve system, and many other similar variations. Longterm by definition implies longevity, or even stretching to a considerable extent. In the storage industry, this indicates shelving systems which are able to be expanded to very long lengths or even spans.

These long spans can be extended by internal shelving or external longspan shelving. Internal shelves consist of a series of horizontal beams on which products can be stacked. They are usually fixed on the floor and are usually adjustable to fit the desired height. On the other hand, external longspan shelving consists of a series of vertical uprights (usually spaced apart depending on the weight of the product is to be stored for) which are supported by columns or floor supports. These vertical uprights are supported on either vertical poles or horizontal beams and can be made to run parallel to each other.

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